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What My Customers Say

"Juno Jumpr seems to do everything it claims"

When I got my Juno Jumpr last week I was actually surprised about how small it is. The packaging is top notch and the unit itself and the included cables look solid, it certainly feels like a quality product. During the week I have charged up my smartphone and tablet as well as jump started my friend’s motorcycle and the Juno Jumpr seems to do everything it claims to do with ease. It is a great piece of gear that will be included in all my motorcycle travels from now on.

Erik Lorentzen
Gold Coast, QLD

"For such a small device the Juno Jumpr is of high quality"

I purchased the Juno Jumpr and had it jump start my Suzuki VStrom adventure bike, after I had forgot the lights were on. I also found it great to charge my smartphone on the go when there was no power outlet and it also charged my iPad with no worries. For such a small device the Juno Jumpr is of high quality and can be used for so many different uses an excellent device I would never leave home without and the service with SMART has been of the highest quality thank you so much. A THUMBS UP from me.

David Borg
Kings Park, Victoria

"I wouldn’t hesitate in buying from SMART again"

My Juno Jumpr arrived exactly on time and was everything that was promised… an ingenious device and beautifully made. I always carry it now whenever I’m out on the bike. I wouldn’t hesitate in buying from SMART again, the service was excellent and all queries were answered promptly. Thanks guys.

​Steve King

Northcote, Victoria

"great communication and prompt service."

Thanks Nicholas for your great communication and prompt service, I have received the ordered item already, I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Rod Pemberton

​Black Rock, Victoria