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User Configurable:

  • Circuit names
  • Circuit breaker (Fuse) limits by circuit
  • PWM (variable control) or switched control by circuit
  • Settings memory by circuit
  • Voltage alarm
  • Ignition off setting (auto shut down, timed shut down, voltage-dependent shut down) by circuit
  • Auto circuit activation (temperature, sunset)
  • Relay circuit activation (using existing or add on remote switch)
  • Units of measure (metric and non metric)

Features and Capabilities:

  • Configuration and control via smartphone app (iPhone and Android supported)
  • Multiple module control to manage fleet applications
  • 60A total capacity over six configurable circuits
  • Electronic Fuse Box
  • Can handle up to 20A on one circuit (Circuit 2)
  • Direct battery charger input
  • Programmable self-resetting circuit breakers
  • Interface provides voltage, altimeter, temperature, speed, clock, and full circuit monitoring
  • Watchdog timer for automatic reboot of the system (if lock-up occurs)
  • Additional advanced circuit-level and system level voltage monitoring (configurable)
  • External thermo-sensor (temperature) lead
  • Heavy-duty construction using six layer circuit board with heavy copper layers
  • Waterproof and shock resistant module
  • Accessible and configurable screw terminals for power and ground plane connectivity
  • Dimensions: 50.80 mm x 76.20 mm x 22.86 mm (2 x 3 x 0.9 in)
  • Weighs 280 g


  • Small and Smart
  • Complete overview of your accessories
  • No more messing around with fuses
  • ​Uses easily accessible and reconfigurable screw terminals
  • Allows you to control the amount of energy going to devices such as heat grips and auxillary lighting
  • One application to control multiple unit installations
  • ​Extra power via USB Power Adapter Cable

Neutrino is smart-phone configurable by Bluetooth 4 LE, provides full control over 6 circuits, and provides a wide range of electrical and environmental information. Neutrino integrates perfectly with smart phone applications, allowing it to become your control center for everything from music to phone to GPS to completely flexible electrical accessory control.


- The worlds first intelligent device controller

What is Neutrino?

Neutrino is a bluetooth programmable intelligent device controller for connecting and controlling all your motorcycle, car and boat accessories.

It consists of a small, waterproof, ruggedized power distribution module, and a smart phone application. It can be used as a stand alone device controller, either pre-programmed, or dealer or user programmed.