Neutrino is simply your best choice for powering and controlling electrical equipment on your bike.

Neutrino works perfectly with CANbus bikes, allowing you to not only benefit from all the great stuff that CANbus provides but allows you the complete freedom to add as many non-OEM electrical accessories as you want.

With Neutrino you are free to use your bike’s battery to power tablet computers, camp lights and just about any other electrical devices that you might want while camping without worrying about not being able to start your bike in the morning. With Neutrino you can set each circuit to stay on for however long you want and you can also set a voltage alarm that will actually shut everything down when your bike’s battery voltage drops to a certain level. No more worries about dead batteries.

Neutrino has extensive automation that makes adventure touring more comfortable and a whole lot safer. With our automatic temperature controlled circuit activation you can set up all your heated gear to activate automatically and to automatically increase temperature as the mercury starts to fall. All this happens with zero effort on your part. You have to experience it to believe it.

Same for lighting. Lights can be activated based on sensing the status of your high beam (or any other) switch and can even activate based on sunset time. Completely automatically.

You can set up your video camera to only run when your bike is going faster than 20 mph…or any speed you want.

Also, Neutrino provides you with a whole lot if electrical and environmental information. You will know what your bike’s voltage is at all times, and if it drops below an alarm level you set your phone will flash a warning. You can check to see how many amps each circuit is drawing. Perfect for helping to find problem accessories or circuits. You will know which direction you’re heading, the ambient temperature, elevation, and of course speed and time.

In short, Neutrino is a nearly indispensable adventure touring partner.

Neutrino Aurora is the ultimate power distribution module. Aurora does everything Element can do, plus enhanced automation. Make your brake lights flash on deceleration, link circuits for extra power, and gain momentary control of all accessories and modifications, all from your smart phone. This is the most advanced fuse block available on the market. 


  • Small and Smart
  • Complete overview of your accessories
  • No more messing around with fuses
  • ​Uses easily accessible and reconfigurable screw terminals
  • Allows you to control the amount of energy going to devices such as heat grips and auxillary lighting
  • One application to control multiple unit installations
  • ​Extra power via USB Power Adapter Cable

Neutrino Element is the entry-level option for power distribution. This advanced fuse block has features you didn't know possible in a power distribution module. Upgradable at any time, Element introduces you to the range of Neutrino's capabilities.​​​


- The worlds first intelligent device controller

What is Neutrino?

Neutrino is a bluetooth programmable intelligent device controller for connecting and controlling all your motorcycle, car and boat accessories.

It consists of a small, waterproof, ruggedized power distribution module, and a smart phone application. It can be used as a stand alone device controller, either pre-programmed, or dealer or user programmed.


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Neutrino is ideal for automotive power distribution and control.With Neutrino you can install the compact and rugged Black Box power distribution module near the battery, connect up all your auxiliary lighting, USB and any other electrical equipment…and control everything from inside the car with no wires, no switches, and no relays.


Because Neutrino uses heavy duty switching transistors, circuits that would normally require both a switch and a relay (and a bunch of wire) simply don’t need all that stuff any longer. With Neutrino you can directly switch up to 20 amps loads directly and reliably. Neutrino replaces conventional fuse blocks with state of the art programmable self-resetting circuit breakers. This means that if you should ever have a short circuit or overload a circuit Neutrino will automatically trip the circuit, will tell you which circuit was tripped, and once the overload condition/short is fixed you simply turn the circuit off and back on.


Each circuit is individually programmable from your smart phone, and with the excellent real time diagnostic information the Neutrino app provides you can optimize circuit breaker settings and change them at any time, anywhere. No more fuses and no more difficult fault diagnosis.With Neutrino there’s simply no need to run wires through the firewall, install switch panels, and locate switches because all this is replaced by your smart phone running the free Neutrino app and our Bluetooth 4 LE wireless link.


All of your electrical equipment can be controlled via our user friendly GUI or via the extensive suite of automation we offer. Including ambient temperature based switching, sunset, speed, and relay switching.With Neutrino you can completely customize your electrical system to work the way you want it to.

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Neutrino is your best choice for power distribution and control for your overland expedition vehicle. The Neutrino Black Box is a compact, rugged and waterproof module that can handle 60 amps of power over 6 circuits.
With Neutrino there’s no need to run wires through the firewall and all through the cab to switch your electrical equipment because Neutrino does this wirelessly.Neutrino is super flexible, allowing you to power and control lighting just about any way you want. And for most lighting Neutrino can do the switching without relays, dramatically simplifying installation and improving reliability. Neutrino can even control refrigeration units. Because of its automated ambient-temperature based control capabilities you can set up your refrigerator to automatically activate and deactivate based on ambient temperature levels that you set.
You can set up circuits to activate or deactivate automatically based on vehicle speed. You can even set up circuits to automatically activate at sunset. Neutrino is a super flexible power distribution and control system that dramatically simplifies your electrical system while allowing you exceptional control either directly from your phone or via the extensive suite of automation capabilities it provides.


Neutrino is your best choice for marine power distribution and control.Neutrino is a completely modular and flexible system that allows you to add modules as required to customize your electrical system.
One smart phone running the Neutrino app allows you to monitor and control all the circuits on your boat.Wiring becomes incredibly less complex with Neutrino because there’s no need to run wires between devices and switches. High amperage devices that would normally need a relay to activate them can be switched directly by Neutrino with no relays. Most importantly, with Neutrino you are free to monitor and switch electrical circuit from anywhere on our boat. Instead of going to where the switch is the switch is always with you.
Want to activate or deactivate some lights from your bed? No problem. Neutrino replaces conventional fuses with self-resetting programmable circuit breakers. Not only can circuit breaker settings be made from your smart phone, but the Neutrino app will tell you when something’s wrong. The app will let you know if a circuit is shorted or overloaded. The app will tell you if battery voltage is too low. The app will tell you how much amperage each electrical device is drawing…real time.
In short, Neutrino is a highly reliable, modular and cost-effective solution for marine power distribution and control.

User Configurable:

  • Circuit names
  • Circuit breaker (Fuse) limits by circuit
  • PWM (variable control) or switched control by circuit
  • Settings memory by circuit
  • Voltage alarm
  • Ignition off setting (auto shut down, timed shut down, voltage-dependent shut down) by circuit​
  • Relay circuit activation (using existing or add on remote switch)
  • Units of measure (metric and non metric)